Leadership Development & Executive Coaching

Leadership Development Coaching

Coaching is an excellent follow-on to any leadership development program. Vincere Coaching works with companies to provide coaching after external or in-house leadership programs. The coaching process supports the experiences learned in the training and helps to ensure application of the lessons in the workplace and achieving true ROI.

Executive Leadership Team Coaching

We work with executive teams (both in group and individually) to help them be highly effective in achieving their goals. The process will help the team play to their strengths, orient towards potential and work towards unified goals as well as focus on individual development.

Executive Coaching

We offer 1-1 executive coaching for senior leaders who are passionate about wanting to reach their greatest potential. Our executive coaching programs are for 6 months duration so that each individual can create the sustainable change they want for themselves and/or their team and organization.

Visionary Coaching & Leadership Workshops

You’ll discover how to live as a visionary coach/leader in action in the world, inspiring and empowering others to discover their passions and potential. You’ll explore and experience leading edge, evolutionary work on:

  • Liberating perspectives that will give you new ways of looking at the world
  • Orienting from problem to potential
  • Coaching fully connected to your sensing and knowing
  • Accessing world-changing vision
  • Vibrant energetics and transformative power
  • Sourcing and creating with passion
  • Leaderful collaboration
  • The power of connective presence
  • Connecting with your own genius and learning how to do this for others
  • Speaking and listening for the most profound impact on your clients
  • Working beyond self to the biggest potential for others

Coaching & Mentoring Workshops

2 or 3 day coaching and mentoring workshops are available to:

  • Learn, understand and practice core coaching skills
  • Understand the skills and expectations in a mentor/mentee relationship