Nancy & Horses


Nancy has been working with horses since she was eight years old, been a horse owner since 2001 and continues to compete in equitation (jumping).

She is passionate about equine coaching because she sees how it helps people be their most authentic selves, and feels it brings out a person’s natural leadership qualities. In her experience equine coaching shows leaders how to be clearer in their intent and helps them clarify or develop their presence – whether that means amping it up or toning it down.

“I never know how an Equina session is going to go. But the beauty of coaching with horses is that the client always learns exactly what they need to at the time,” she says. “Many clients say they find the experience very enlightening and are able to take the lesson from the horse and apply it to their lives.”

Nancy is a volunteer with the National Equestrian Centre where she teaches basic horse skills to youth at risk. Nancy rides her horse Galloping Glory at least once a week, and calls him the most honest horse she’s ever met.