Equina Horse-Assisted Leadership

Horse-assisted coaching is a revolutionary, in-depth way to improve your leadership skills and self-awareness. Widely practised in the US and Europe, equine-assisted learning gives you powerful insights about the effect you have on others. With the assistance of a trained coach, participants interact with the horse and without touching the animal must achieve small tasks e.g. getting the horse to walk in a certain direction, or to run in a circle.

All the while the coach is observing, interpreting the feedback from the horse and helping the client to apply it to a real-life situation.

A director working in the IT industry and Vincere Coaching client on the importance of follow-through

"I will never forget my session with the horse. After finally getting the horse to follow me, I continued to walk around the paddock without looking back. And the horse stopped.

It made me realize that often I had given instructions to my team taking it for granted that they will follow.

Unfortunately, they rarely did and much time was wasted back tracking. Lost time = lost opportunities.

Now that I am stopping regularly for a glance back at the team, I realise that not only are they following but doing so alerts me early in the game to any deviation that could occur. Actually the horse taught me a lot more - confidence in myself, and also to assume the authority that has been given to me."