The Coaching Hub

The Coaching Hub

Vincere Coaching is partnered with The Coaching Hub, which provides:

  • A Team of Experienced Coaches
  • Creative Solutions for Strategic Needs
  • Collaborative Interventions
  • Consistent Asia-Centered Delivery

A select group of seasoned executive coaches has come together to create a Singapore-based collaborative team that will offer clients a full range of creative L&D interventions in support of talent development, leadership building, and top team performance.

Our mission is to harness our individual skills in creating strategic impacts for client businesses. We call ourselves The C-Hub (C for Coaching). Each of us is an experienced executive coach with long years of working with clients in Singapore and throughout Asia. Together we are able to co-create powerful programs that will deliver profitable impacts for our clients.

What we are seeing is that more and more of our clients want to move beyond the simple model of one-on-one coaching. They want to be able to create interventions for broader groups of their leaders, interventions that can be designed with consistency of approach and outcomes. In order to do this, organizations need to work with a group of coaches. But, instead of having to make these arrangements by way of a head office or coach referral agency in London or New York, The C-Hub can meet all of your requirements locally.

The C-Hub can not only provide senior executive coaching, but we can also help you design programs for your senior leaders, up-and-coming management talent, and top teams. For example, we can deploy coaching for Top Teams, for Leadership and Talent Development programs, for Mentoring and Internal Coaching services, and for alignment with strategic bottom-line outcomes. Our fundamental approach is to work with clients to customize unique interventions that achieve results.

Avital Carmon

Avital specializes in coaching and training senior executives and teams in the areas of: Leadership & Impact, Transition & Change, and Effective Communication. Avital focuses on helping her clients achieve meaningful and sustainable positive change and manage both themselves and others more effectively.

Denise Wright

Denise Wright works with senior executives and top teams in leadership effectiveness and impact, fostering strategic collaboration, dynamic strategy and coaching for greater impact. She also provides coaching supervision within public sector and multi-national organizations.

Donald Huse

Don is a leadership coach working with executives in a range of private sector and government organizations. He brings with him over 30 years of international banking experience. Don takes a pragmatic, solutions-focused approach in helping his clients to become more effective and impactful in their work.

Robert Whittaker

Rob specializes in executive coaching for senior leaders and top teams in global leadership, strategy and change. He leverages on 21 years of experience as a senior member of faculty at an international business school, running a corporate university for a major multinational and has founded several successful businesses.